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Project Renewal provides educational, recreational and social activities for children during the school year and summer in a safe, loving environment. Staff and volunteers are positive role models for the children, reinforcing values needed in order to live healthy and productive lives. Located in the central city, Project Renewal’s grass roots organization has been a stabilizing force in this fragile neighborhood since 1974. Project Renewal is an important organization in our community which can deeply impact the life of a child and is very rewarding personally for those who volunteer or provide financial support.

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"When you have a strong foundation in your house, you know that whatever storms in life come your way, that your foundation will hold. That is what the Treat House (also known as Project Renewal) does in the central neighborhood of Davenport. It provides a strong foundation for families in this community of Davenport, it is an anchor in the community, it is a place where people matter. Project Renewal is making a difference in Davenport and I encourage you to learn more about our mission - visit Sister Concetta Park, volunteer at Project Renewal, donate school supplies to our kids... meet Ann and Carl and you will see our mission of being a positive presence in our neighborhood to our kids and their families actively at work."

- Kathy, Project Renewal board member

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“At Project Renewal my children get help in ways that meet their needs. My child has raised his math and reading goals. They keep learning fun for the children. My children create friendships, new interests, and have positive role models.”

- Anna, Project Renewal youth participant parent

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"To put it simply, the kids, staff, and entire Project Renewal community are incredible. Project Renewal empowers kids to recognize their talents and provides them with opportunities to advance in school and experience stability. The love and warmth of this community are evident in all the smiles, laughter, and learning that takes place every day. Project Renewal changed my life in the eight weeks I spent there in one summer, so I can only imagine the tremendous impact this organization continues to have upon the lives of the children."

- Morgan, Project Renewal summer staff

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Why Families Choose Project Renewal

"As a child, Project Renewal was a safe place for me to be, knowing that there was someone there who truly cared for me, knowing there was a pencil to do my homework. As an adult, Project Renewal staff and volunteers help my children with their homework when I am unable. They give my children opportunities that I cannot afford. I am forever grateful that Project Renewal is there for families. Now, and when I was a child."
- Tina, former youth participant and mother of youth participants
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Our Mentors

College Students

“My coolest life moment is without a doubt the summer I had last year with the kids at Project Renewal. That experience changed my life and I see life from a new perspective now, whether it was helping them with reading or playing football with them it helped me grow as a person and it is a time I will never forget.”

- Bernard, Project Renewal summer staff

Community Members

“I feel privileged to be able to participate in this wonderful project. Kids are able to get their homework done, hone up on math and reading skills, have fun with computers and daily treats and outdoor activities. Perhaps even more importantly they learn to respect themselves and each other, socialize with other kids and adults in a positive way, and get out and see more of the world through well planned field trips. As a volunteer I don’t go to “work” with kids, I go to be part of this very meaningful association, and I too, have learned along the way! Thanks, Project Renewal.

- PJ, Project Renewal volunteer


“Other than helping raise my own kids, working with the kids at Project Renewal is the most improtant thing I’ve done in my life.”

- Amy, Project Renewal volunteer


"Project Renewal has the most passionate, dedicated staff. They have the kid's interests at the forefront of everything they do and they were excited to let me join in. I enjoyed my time so much and left with a happy, full heart!"

- Olivia, Project Renewal volunteer